Information Collected

Local Business Loans collects two types of information: personal information that users knowingly disclose to LBL and website-use information automatically generated by users as they interact with the site.

Personal Information

As part of the application process, Local Business Loans will collect information relating to you and your business in order to determine whether you qualify for a Local Business Loans. In addition, Local Business Loans collects two types of information from you on or through its website: (1) information that you provide to Local Business Loans (either directly or through access to third party websites where your information is stored), and (2) website-use information automatically generated as you navigate through the website.

Customer Information

When you create an account with Local Business Loans , you are asked to provide customer information such as your name, your business name, address, phone number, email address and preferences to establish a customer profile. You will be asked to provide information related to your business, including information related to how your business receives, processes and forwards payments from your customers. Local Business Loans also collects other information related to your business such as social network data, shipping and other vendor service information, accounting information and, potentially other information that we may obtain from time to time during our relationship with you. Local Business Loans may collect specific financial information from you concerning your business, including bank account numbers and routing numbers for funding, transfer, and payment purposes. Local Business Loans also collects tokens from online marketplaces and payment

Local Business Loans may request additional information to help verify your identity and manage risk, including: date of birth, social security number or other information. We may obtain information about our customers from, identity verification services or credit bureaus.

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